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Excerpt from Fresh View Magazine Fall 2011  Suva Spray Tan Studio  

A spray tan experience  There is no doubt that a tan makes you feel great about how you look, but getting one by way of the sun compromises your health. At Suva spray tan studio, you can achieve a healthy glow in a spa atmosphere, and you leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, and less stressed.   Upon arrival at Suva, you know that this really is an experienceβ€”the warm and cozy reception area, sanitized spray tanning room and fresh towels all contribute to an amazing mini-escape.   Owner,  Jill Popoff,  strives to give you quality results with a product that has only 13 ingredients; it is safeβ€” organic, hypoallergenic, oil-free, alcohol-free, and fragrance-free. The product is washable so there is no concern about staining clothes or sheets. There is a host of colours starting with a hint of colour and progressing to very dark.   The experienced staff are able to match undertones achieving a natural looking tan , and no one will ever leave looking orange. At Suva, you are custom airbrushed in a professional setting. Every person is unique, and your spray tan is customized to your needs and comfort level. Your complete satisfaction is of the utmost importance.   A spray tan is the perfect choice for that special occasionβ€”wedding, reunion, party, or trip. Book the studio for Suva nightsβ€”a fun time for bridal parties, or girls night out. A spray tan boosts your confidence, enhances your features, and models healthy behaviour